Built as Showcase for the Frankenstein Trikes rear end conversion, This stripped-down race-look machine has "WILD" written all over it.

Trike Magazine Summer 2015/Issue 34
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It’s September, 1977, a beautiful Indian summer day. After an anxious wait I have just picked up the Trike from the painter. I immediately drive to Lisa’s house. I slide to a halt in her gravel driveway, with an aggressive wick of the throttle the short pipes scream and I get her attention. Lisa swings open the screen door and skips across the porch while putting on her shoes. She jumps on the trike and we take off. With no particular destination in mind we hop on old highway 7. The bike is running great, it looks amazing and we are both enjoying 60 mph of freedom. Lisa leans toward my ear and says she wants to go for a swim.
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hot rod trike MC WORX Hard Tail Trike
The frame is a Frank-built one off raked to 46 degrees with a three inch forward stretch and a one inch up stretch. The forks are eighteen inch over FL mounted to a Norwegian Customspeed eight degree rake triple tree set which decreases trail thus improving the trike's handling. The front wheel is a nineteen inch wide glide and the front brake is an HHI caliper acting on a saw tooth brake disc that Frank made. Both rear wheels have Excel calipers and discs.
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hot rod motorcycle trike pic FRANKENSTEIN TRIKES CHOPPER TRIKE
Frank Pedersen owner of MCWORX has been building custom bikes and frames since 1995. In 2005 he saw the writing on the wall and decided to design and manufacture a Trike rear end and Trike Conversion Kits for stock Harley-Davidson Motorcycles under the name Frankenstein Trikes.
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harley davidson v rod trike with frankenstein trike kit X-ROD
It all started with a 2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod and the Frankenstein 32”Hot Rod 200 Trike rear end. Frankenstein Trikes shipped the bike and rear end to Lars Eriksen in Norway. The bike arrived completely stock down to the drive train. Lars began modification and the bike and rear end soon became one.
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Frankenstein Trike Kit on Nightster "The Night Trike is the Right Trike"
Owner Lars Ericksen was paralyzed from the chest down in a dirt bike accident. Lars is also 6’6” tall. With two unique challenges Frank and his crew at Frankenstein Trikes set out to build the Night Trike.
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"The Franken Rod"
Frank Pedersen and Steinar Bergby of Frankenstein Trikes have spent the last year rounding out their lineup of H-D compatible Trike Kits. In November 2009 the Frankenstein staf decided to design a complete Trike kit for the V-Rod.
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"1993 FXR Hooligan"
At Hooligan's heart is Frankenstein Trikes 34" Light Sport rear end. "We always think in terms of quality and cost effciency and do what works best and costs the least for our customer," said resident mad scientist Frank Pedersen. When asked how Hooligan got its name, Frank simply says, "It feels, and I feel like a hooligan when I ride it."
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frankenstein Trikes Shoel head Chopper trike 77 SHOVEL TRIKE "Looking Back"
In 2008 Ralph Roades owner of Wide Open Magazine originally set out to recreate one of the favourite bikes from his past, the scooter he had in the late 70‘s. To accomplish this he enlisted the help of some of the best in the business. Frank at MCWORX built the bike as if Ralph owned it since then, but with typical upgrades that he may have done.
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