At Hooligan's heart is Frankenstein Trikes 34" Light Sport rear end. "We always think in terms of quality and cost effciency and do what works best and costs the least for our customer," said resident mad scientist Frank Pedersen. When asked how Hooligan got its name, Frank simply says, "It feels, and I feel like a hooligan when I ride it." This ruffian is a 1993 FXR with an 80" Evo motor and a two-into-one pipe, carrying a short muffler found at an auto parts store. Fuel is delivered via an S & S carb. "Our trike kit added only about 120 pound", Frank added. Frank explained Frankestein's customer base attracts all kinds, not just the anticipated baby boomer, "Young people who want a cooler look have been drawn to our trikes." The company built Hooligan to show people what could be done on a moderate budget, remain practical, but still stand out. In the wild world of motorcycling, coolness is alway a factor. Frankenstein sells to a lot of women, as well as riders with medical conditions, and "people who want a safer ride." Explaining what a "safer ride" is in his opion. Frank said, "If you're out riding in the country, doing say 50 to 60 mph and rabbit crossed your path you could really get on both brakes without fear of going down. You can't do that on two wheels. With a trike you stop quicker, and don't have to worry about dumping the bike. Also when you encounter bad road conditions, like pouring rain, your trike's three wheels offer superior stability over two. Trikes also offer better protection against side impacts, the kind you might get if someone runs a red light at an intersection and broadsides you."
The monster mantra behind Frankenstein Trikes is to make it simple, make it strong, make it affordable, and build it so that a guy with average mechanical skills could install it himself. "I wanted to achieve something that was priced right and had great value. I didn't want to make something that looked like a grandpa bike, not that there's anything wrong with that, but people want something cooler," said Frank.