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Owner Lars Ericksen was paralyzed from the chest down in a dirt bike accident. Lars is also 6’6” tall. With two unique challenges Frank and his crew at Frankenstein Trike's set out to build the Night Trike. The Night Trike is built on an ‘03 Harley-Davidson Night Train. The black anodized Frankenstein 34” Hot Rod Standard rear end was used for the three wheel conversion. The Frame was left stock except as a concession to Lars’ enormous size , they cut the rear fender struts off in order to move the seat back 4” and then relocated the foot peg mounts forward and down . Two fat Avon 330/30x17” tires are mounted on MCWORX 5 spoke Hot Rod wheels. The fuel injected motor displaces 95cu. In. and has a custom made side dump exhaust. The stock H-D 5 speed transmission was fitted with a reverse for maneuverability. The “Fat Bastard” front fork is two inches shorter than stock with 5degree rake in the triple tree for great handling.

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A 130/80x18 IRC tire is mounted on MCWORX 18x3.5” Hot Rod 5 spoke wheel in the front. Several things were done to make the trike ride able and enjoyable for Lars. The bars have been pulled back far enough that Lars could steer without using his upper body for leverage. Front and rear brakes are on the hand controls. A pingel electric shifter was added as well.

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