77 shovel head chopper trike with frankenstein trike kit
It’s September, 1977, a beautiful Indian summer day. After an anxious wait I have just picked up the Trike from the painter. I immediately drive to Lisa’s house. I slide to a halt in her gravel driveway, with an aggressive wick of the throttle the short pipes scream and I get her attention. Lisa swings open the screen door and skips across the porch while putting on her shoes. She jumps on the trike and we take off. With no particular destination in mind we hop on old highway 7. The bike is running great, it looks amazing and we are both enjoying 60 mph of freedom. Lisa leans toward my ear and says she wants to go for a swim. So I make a full u turn right in the middle of the highway, throw the hammer at it and we head for old man Jensen’s pond. I pull right to the water’s edge. Lisa immediately jumps off the Trike, then sheds her jean shorts and tube top. She turns around and smiles, the shimmer of the pond blinds me as she runs towards the water. The flood of bright light brings me to, I shake my head and rub my eyes. This is exactly what I imagined the first time I saw this Trike. Thanks to the guys at Frankenstein Trikes for the great flashback.

77 shovel head chopper trike with frankenstein trike kit This bike has been through some changes; it has seen so many evolutions that it is a time machine in its own right. This project began in 2008. Frank Pedersen of Motorcycle Worx set out to recreate the look of a classic chopper from the 70’s. There is too much to mention here but noteworthy are the following.
A period correct Trike would have utilized a Servi-Car rear end. Originally designed for a 45 cu. in. flat head, the Servi-Car rear end can’s be geared correctly and is not durable enough for today’s trikes, so The Frankenstein Trike rear end makes for a great upgrade.
The trike conversion began using the 34” Frankenstein Trike Rear End. The Swing arm is chrome and the rear end is chromed / polished to a mirror finish. Jack Larson Machine rebuilt the 74 cu. In. Shovelhead motor. The drive train of the ‘77 FXE was completely rebuilt and kept stock with the exception of a S&S E carburetor and BDL belt primary. In the rear it has 15x10 Halibrand style wheels with 265/50x15 tires. Stopping power comes from the 4 piston Frankenstein caliper and 11.5” rotor on the rear end.

Chopper hot rod trike 77 shovel head with frankenstein trike kit
frankenstein trikes rear end close up on 77 chopper trike Frank wanted to have a healthy amount of rake, an 18” over springer and a 19” front wheel. Consequently, this combination gives to much trail and would make the Trike difficult to steer. As a solution the chrome was stripped from the springer, a new top triple clamp was designed and the springer was raked 5 degrees for a grand total of 45 degrees. Upon completion all the parts that needed dipped were taken to Buck Kauffman for a flawless chrome job.
The tail section was fabricated in house. Coffin gas tank from V-Twin was modified to fit. Mitch Bass was enlisted to wrap the metal seat pans in tuck and roll upholstery. The two inch deep looking candy red over silver metal flake was laid down by Lane Nutt at Bill’s Auto Paints, which is perfectly complimented by Tiny’s impeccable gold leaf scroll work.

77 shovel head engine close up frankenstein trikes

I remember fondly the days when chrome, gold and red actually went together. This is exactly how it's supposed to be. This Trike is not one single shiny thing short of the whole nine yards. Maybe Metal flake will be the new flat black.
Frank has a true vision for bringing together honest nostalgia and updated functionality. Patience will yield the best balance of form and function and Frank knows just how to embrace it all. The irony in this whole story is that if Frank had been designing and producing trikes in the 70’s he would have done the exact same thing. Frank says, “if you use the best materials and produce quality products your creation will be timeless”.
77 shovel head trike with frankenstein trike kit
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