Frank Pedersen owner of MCWORX  has been building custom bikes and frames since 1995. In 2005 he saw the writing on the wall and decided to design and manufacture a Trike rear end and Trike Conversion Kits for stock Harley-Davidson Motorcycles under the name Frankenstein Trikes.
These days, Trike Conversion Kits are Frank’s main focus but he can’t seem to get choppers and hot rods out of his head, so he set out to design a Hot Rod Chopper Trike. The platform for this project started with a MCWORX hard tail, drop seat trike frame. The frame was stretched 3 inches up and the rake was set at 40°. The frame was specifically designed to incorporate the mounts for the Frankenstein 30” Standard Hot Rod Rear End.  The fact that Frank can’t get Hot Rods out of his blood is evident in his tire choice. Protrac M50-15 tires wrap the 15x10 Halibrand style polished wheels. These are the same tires that Frank used back in the late 70’s on his big block ‘64 Chevelle. Because these tires are taller than the typical trike tires, the hard tail section had to be kicked up a couple of inches to keep the seat low and maintain the stance. The frame and all components were powder coated graphite. The pin striping was applied by Scott Thomas. The front wheel is a 19”, 60 spoke.

frankenstein trikes trike conversion kits for harley davidson
During the interview we took the Trike out for a test drive. There is no doubt that the S&S 103 cu. in. engine delivers enough power to break the tires loose. With  5” stroke this engine is a torque monster.  On the first run the tires smoked, then they grabbed, chunks of asphalt flew and the front tire lifted off the ground just before it sped out of site. The power curve doesn’t stop at takeoff, with a 6 speed transmission and Ultima 2” primary this trike can fly. On the street this Trike is barely legal in most states. The exhaust was custom made to fit and it sounds as mean as it looks. The insane decibel level of the engine and the wide tires is enough to thwart any wannabe drag racers.