It all started with a 2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod and the Frankenstein 32”Hot Rod 200 Trike rear end. Frankenstein Trikes shipped the bike and rear end to Lars Eriksen in Norway. The bike arrived completely stock down to the drive train. Lars began modification and the bike and rear end soon became one. Lars purchased a new front end as well as body kit from a German manufacturer and before you knew it the V-Rod Trike was becoming a Frankenstein in its own right as parts were grafted to it one at a time. The Frame was cut to lower the seat, the air box and the tail section of the body kit were modified. The Frankenstein rear end received a pair of ultra wide 17”x13.5” wheels sporting massive 335/35x17” Michelin tires. The German import front-end was treated to a 17”x6.5” wheel shod with 190 series Metzler tire.
The Wheelie bar is required equipment because of the Trask turbo kit that pushes the engines output to over 160 horsepower. A 100 horsepower nitrous oxide boost was also added.
Impressive, the judges think so. Lars and the X Rod garnered 1st place awards in Trike Class and judged Class as well earned the Spectator Championship Award during the biggest bike show in Norway. Most impressive is that Lars performed most of the work in spite of being paralyzed from the chest down.